What’s for Dinner?

Yesterday I got the idea in my head that I would make stuffed pork chops for dinner and just in luck, (bc I’m on a budget) Jewel had pork chops on sale! I popped into the store on my way home from work and saw that the actual pork chops that you use for this dish were about $4 each, not quite in my budget. So I improvised, did a quick search on my phone and found this recipe for “Stuffed” pork chops!! 

For never having made pork chops (or at least ones that aren’t paper thin, dry and hard to chew- which have been the only kind that I’ve known) I did a pretty damn good job! (^_^) The meat came out really tender and juicy! The next time I do this, I will be cooking the veggies a bit before hand, the celery (and carrot that I added) were still a bit too hard for my liking. 

A+ for me tonight! I only wish I had thought to buy or make dessert… bc as soon as this food coma is over, something sweet would be nice! 



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