Our “American” holiday

I have a lot of fond memories growing up, I come from a big family and generally the holidays are spent cramming a bunch of people in an abnormally small house. Not that the house is really that small, but considering the fact that my mom is 1 of 9 brothers and sisters and each those have anywhere from 3-9 kids… well, we roll deep. As we’ve gotten older though, it’s becoming more difficult to get everyone together because we’re so big and because everyone now has their own families and family traditions. But those who can make it do, and it’s always fun and loud and there’s loads of food.

On the main table we had: Broccoli and cheese casserole (with ham), pineapple, cantaloupe, sliced bread, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, Mexican rice with gandules, nopales and of course Salsa!!

On the stove: arrachera, ham and green bean casserole.

And of course what would Easter be without a Bunny cake and some cupcakes! The only thing missing is the chocolate Easter bunny that my Grandpa use to give all of us grandkids.

I miss my family… They’re crazy, they’re big but they’re great! ❤



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