Happy Birthday, eat cake!

We celebrated a coworkers birthday today, and seeing as how I’ve been craving cake for a while now I thought it’d be the perfect time to make a cake! So I did:

It took me a while to make this, I’d forgotten how involved this recipe was, but that doesn’t matter because honestly I love this recipe. The cake itself comes out so good. I ended up making it in one pan, as opposed to the 2 pans that the recipe suggests, it still came out. Took a lot longer too bake but that’s okay, the end result was the same! I had to shave quite a bit off the top because it rounded out in the oven, but that wasn’t an issue either because Mom was able to have some cake (she thinks I’m a tease for always baking but never leaving any of it at home).

I let the cake cool over night and then after work on Tuesday I came home to make the icing. It was a simple butter cream recipe, I tried a different recipe this time around though and felt that it came out a lot better than the first one I tried. So, I will be sticking with this one! I made to batches, one chocolate and one vanilla. Once it was cooled enough I went to work. I split the cake in two and put a layer of regular chocolate fudge icing in the middle. I tried to make a chocolate ganache but it didn’t quite come out the way it was supposed to- that’s okay though because now I have delicious chocolate milk mix!

Here you have it! What I lack in decorating skills I make up for in flavor, I promise! I really do want to take a cake decorating class though, hopefully that will happen soon! Once I started icing the cake with the white I realized that I over worked it because it came out a bit grainy. Not too much of an issue but I now know for next time!

See… pretty damn good! Another coworker brought fresh fruit so that added a nice touch to it!

Man, I love cake!



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