F is for Love, or something

So February is one of my favorite months, actually any month with a ‘holiday’ that I can craft/bake for is a favorite of mine!!

Shit’s kind of really hit the fan in my life, and I thought what better way to cheer myself up than by brightening someone else’s day! So I spent a couple of days doing random projects to celebrate the holiday:

Project 1: Homemade Valentine’s Day cards

I really like vintage Valentine’s and the idea of making them for people, so I did. I admit that I got a bit ahead of myself and after getting spray adhesive all over my arms and face (don’t ask) had a couple put together and shipped out. The above are only a few examples, I actually only made 5 of about 15 that I was going to make! (Sorry if you didn’t get one, but seriously… I should NOT be allowed to play with spray adhesive!!!)  Maybe next year I’ll a) find an alternate way to put these together or b) master the art of not getting glue all over myself like a 5 year old!

Project #2: Red Velvet Crinkles

Ended up packaging about a dozen of these in a simple red cookie tin with some tissue paper and dedicated a store bought card. I couldn’t resist the card, I’d bought it prior to my glue fiasco because well, it just made me giggle. And o-m-g, wtf is with all the “I LOVE YOU” cards? While I am rather fond of the gentleman who received these cookies, I’m not about to proclaim my love for him just because there’s a lack of platonic fe/male greeting cards! All the more reason to figure out the glue situation so I can just make my own cards!!!

Project# 3: Mini-Blueberry muffins with a lemon glaze

Simple enough, I was very fond of the glaze as it tasted like a lemon drop! The muffins were a bit stiff so I’ll have to figure that out to make them better next time. No one complained at work so I’m guessing they didn’t mind. 😉

I also made Brownies- had some heart shaped cookie cutters but as I pre-cut the brownies, I wasn’t able to shape them into hearts. I did however, give one heart shaped brownie. That was in a small gift bag also with tissue paper.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s day… me, I spent mine in a foul- nonValentine’s day related- mood. But on the bright side, I did wake up to this gift from my Little Brother:

❤ He’s such a sweetheart!!!



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