Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

I don’t know why but the following statements have come up more than once in the last couple of days…. and it’s kind of freaking me out!

What do you want to do with your life?

First of all, this is the scariest question I’ve ever been asked (and I’ve been in some fairly scary situations), I find it even more scary at the age of 29 when I should have this all figured out by now. Stop asking me this question, I don’t know what I want to do with my life yet, I’m still figuring it out! When I do figure it out I will send out a mass email/text/blog/mailer for everyone to get the great news!

What makes you TRULY happy?

Simple enough right? Wrong! This goes along with the first question… if I knew what made me truly happy then I’d probably know what I wanted to do with my life! Yes, there are things that make me happy, but happy for a moment. I’ve never been overly enthusiastic about anything in my entire life, especially not something that lasted more than a few days/weeks/months. Life ADD maybe? ugh…

Why are you single?

Very good question, when I figure it out I will let you know. What is it with people asking this… it’s annoying. In most situations it’s supposed to be a compliment, in that “omg you’re so great, why hasn’t someone snagged you up yet?” kind of way. [Which incidentally is said by someone that I’m swooning over] However, I don’t take it that way, it’s more of a kick in the proverbial balls. You see, in my head I’m pretty freaking great and I’d make a rather awesome partner… clearly I just choose the wrong people. Yea, let’s just go with that and ignore all the internal chatter that’s really going on. (^_~) The Point is, it doesn’t matter WHY I’m single, so please let’s just move on.

Also going along these lines, I heard this gem today:

You’re the marrying type.

Gee, thanks! Another kick in the balls… Also generally said by guys I am swooning over who do not share the same feelings. But today it was said by my boss, which makes it a little bit more awkward than normal.

That’s all… just random things tonight. Have a cheese cake in the oven that I need to take care of (which will be a blog for later as well)!!!

~ Ciao.



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