No More Second Chances…

I read this today, in response to stupid reasons why someone’s broken up with you… I’ve both had and given my fair share of stupid reasons. When I read this I felt that it fit perfectly with how the last year or two has been for me and I agree with this “New Rule”.

“I was angry at him for betraying me, and myself too, for letting myself be fooled a second time.”

“Ah, I’m painfully familiar with this. My new rule is this: Everyone I date gets exactly one opportunity to dump me. No second chances, as a matter of principle. Second chances apply only to relationships that end mutually for practical reasons (e.g., if my current boyfriend and I break up, it will likely be because one of us can’t get a visa to the other’s country; but if that situation changed a couple years down the road, I’d be open to getting back together).”

Strangers can be insightful sometimes. It’s so simple and perhaps a bit obvious, but let’s be honest here, I’m often blind to the obvious and to things that are good for me, that’s all changed since the last relationship I’ve had though…

It’s called progress.



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