Tarot Cards

Reading for January 6th 2012; interesante….
“Beware of setting your sights too high in matters of the heart today, dear Gina . The pairing of the Fool and the Moon indicates that your hopes are sure to be dashed. You have a tendency to idealize the people you love, but reality will show you that you’ve invested too much in them or in your relationship. Which is why you’re in danger of being disillusioned. Remember, nobody’s perfect. In the professional sphere, you want to do something all on your own, without anyone else interfering or trying to tell you the ropes. You have a pet project that you absolutely believe in, and you want to get it underway. The combination of Death and the Fool signifies that you’ve reached the end of your tether. And therefore it’s difficult for anyone else to work with you. You’ll need to take things easy and calm down somewhat, or take a walk.”

Yea, I believe in this stuff… Hm.



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