Oh the memories…

I was doing the usual facestalking when I started browsing through a friends photo albums, reminded me that I too had an old photobucket account that I’ve neglected for many years. So I went to check it out, of course having forgotten the password I had to go through all that jazz of creating a new one.

Looking through the albums I had saved on there it comes down to a couple of things…

  • we went out a LOT!! (albums are mostly by date, some by event name)
  • For not working out at all before the age of 27, I was in pretty darn good shape!
  • we met a lot of random people, who (poor fellas) were sometimes subjected to embarrassing photos.
  • I had the amazing ability to convince people to take random articles of clothing off and then proceed to convince them to let me take a picture. It’d be interesting to see if I could ‘name that body part’.
  • I don’t talk to any of the people I was friends with from the age of 20-26 (I’m now 28).
  • even more sad, I don’t remember some of the people I have pictures with (not the random ppl who we took pics with, I mean ppl I clearly look close with)
  • My hair has gone from almost shaved to long and back (multiple times). It has also been just about every color/combination possible. My favorite being the ‘fix’ to my coming home after my 1st year of college with brassy bleach blonde hair. Not even moments after walking in the front door did I end up in the seat of a salon to get it fixed. Seeing as how awful of a dye job I did, I ended up with strawberry blonde hair and purple highlights… amazeballs!!
  • I clearly didn’t know what fashion was, heck, I still don’t really know what fashion is!!!
  • I’ve met more ‘famous’ people than I can recall… =/

Overall, my 20’s were pretty freaking rad!!! (despite my inability to remember all of it, but I can’t fully blame my 20’s for that bc I’ve ALWAYS had a pretty awful memory.)

Thanks for making my 20’s rock guys… here’s hoping my 30’s will be just as great, if not better!!



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