Thanksgiving 2011. An interesting event in itself but let’s focus on the food!! Nomz nomz!

Rather than spend Black Wednesday out participating in debauchery I stayed in and made cheese cake! Found a recipe on the trusty interwebs (ie:Tasty Cheesecake here) the only issue I had with this is that my oven turns off when set at 325* so we had to bake it at 350* for less time. All in all this baby came out delicious, not too sweet and oh so fluffy. I didn’t make the sour cream topping bc no one really wanted that, but will for sure add that the next time I make it! And yes, I will make this again!

The turkey was brined over night in oranges and other such tasty things, then basted in the oven with a chipotle adobo. Momma made that early in the morning since we’d decided to eat in the afternoon. Attempted to make Grandma’s stuffing, and of course it didn’t come out quite the same. That woman made the best stuffing and every year my brother and I try to recreate it! Maybe one day we’ll get it right. (^_^) And of course we had the traditional mashed potatoes (with roasted garlic) and green bean casserole- one of the only ‘truly American’ meals we eat. But hey, it’s all good stuff so who’s complaining?!

I ❤ Thanksgiving! 



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