Continuing with the food posts! Last Thursday two friends and I went out for Cuban food. We met up at Siboney Cuban Cuisine (located at 2165 N Western Ave, Chicago IL). If you ever get the chance to go, I definitely recommend it (just don’t get the Vaca Frita- while the waitress may tell you it’s their most popular dish, it’s not that great on the palate). I’m not a huge fan of plantains, but something about how this place cooks them makes them melt in your mouth. Pictured above is the Ropa Vieja, which has inspired me to make my own version. My Paternal grandmother made it before, and while I don’t have the exact recipe that she used I am going to find my own! PS. If you visit Siboney, order the Yuca con Mojo (another dish that just doesn’t taste right anywhere else I’ve eaten it, unless you count Yaya’s yuca… Siboney’s yuca reminds me a lot of Yaya!)



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