I’m a fatty at heart!

I’ve always had a thing for food, yes I love to eat it but I have a greater love of making it! Not even necessarily for me, I don’t really get much joy in cooking for myself, in fact I find that pretty boring and pointless. Because I see food as something that should be shared, created for someone else to enjoy. Plus, the satisfaction that I’ve put in all that hard work to create something that another will (hopefully) enjoy, it’s just amazing to me. That being said, I need to make more time for cooking, especially now that I’ve joined Tumblr and appear to be following all food related blogs. There’s just SO MUCH out there that I want to try, now it’s just a matter of making the time to do it, and finding people to share it all with… 

I’d rather spend a day in the kitchen than anywhere else in the house, except my bed bc let’s face it, I’m kind of lazy at heart too!! ha. 

So until I cut back on working and life, and make the time to actually piece ingredients together, I will collect recipes and make notes of things I like- or may like- and I will continue to read/drool over all of the entries I see on here. Thanks Tumblr, for always making me hungry!!



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