Sometimes I pretend I’m Mexican!

Orale! Growing up I’d always had really long hair, until one summer I was in Mexico visiting family and my Godmother took me to the salon with her… a couple of hours later I came back to Grandma’s with a really boyish hair cut! Mind you, I’m mexican and as most Mexicans at that young of an age I had long hair, so I cut lots of inches off, I think at the age of 13/14 it was almost to my waist. When I walked out of that salon they’d taken a scissors AND a razor to my head. 

So from then until maybe 4 years ago, I’ve had short hair. Then one day after hearing my Mother tell me for the Umpteenth time “grow your hair you, you look so much nicer with long hair” (aka, men don’t like girls with boy hair- ❤ you mom, but we all know that’s what you were really trying to say!) I decided maybe it’s about time I grow my hair out! I figured I’d had short hair for over a decade, maybe I needed a change, plus… despite my witty personality and cute charm, I had been told that yes, most guys actually do not care for girls with short hair, and since I am almost 30 maybe I should start focusing on ‘getting a man and settling down’ (HA. HA.)

ANNNYYYWay… growing my hair has proved to be an utter pain in the @$$, and I realize that I miss my short hair and have absolutely NO CLUE what to do with anything longer than an inch and a half. So I’m not entirely sure how long I will keep growing it. I need to get at least 15 inches (even, not layers- which I have due to having thick hair), bc GUESS WHAT… I’m not doing this in vain, I want to donate my hair to Locks of Love!! I figured I should do at least ONE good thing in my lifetime, and this might be it. I am almost at my goal, and I am so very happy!! I’m thinking another year and I should reach the goal that I’ve set out for myself, at which point I will braid it into my long Mexican braid (that I do every night, bc apparently if you don’t braid long hair you’ll wake up with massive tangles and knots- or maybe that’s just me) and I will CHOP IT OFF!! Then back to short hair it is for me, bc let’s face it, I’m pretty low maintenance and the idea of having to wash/condition/brush/braid/comb/style my hair every day just seems like way too much of a hassle.  

My hair is almost to the length it was when I first cut it, I think because I like to pretend that I’m actually Mexican (not this white washed version of Mexican that I actually am) I’m going to let it go past the original length. But who knows, maybe I’ll get impatient and just chop it off once it gets to my waist!

~That is all. Goodnight!

Sometimes I pretend I’m Mexican pt. 2 will be on Quinceañeras, because I will be attending one this weekend and it will probably remind me of how I didn’t get to participate in that right of passage. 



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