Does anyone write Love Letters anymore

I have a box hidden away, it’s full of letters and pictures sent to me over the years. Because in my younger days I had a lot to say, and I had a lot of people to say it to… so we wrote. Pages upon pages upon pages of words, emotions shared between me and sometimes complete strangers (well, obviously they eventually stopped being strangers). 

So I have this box, and in this box there are letters from people from all over (as well as from people close by) mostly platonic letters shared between friends. But filed away in this box I also have love letters. Does anyone still write love letters? If they do, they haven’t written one to me.. because it’s been over 10 years since I’ve gotten a love letter. Sure, I’ve gotten a card here or there from a boyfriend, but let’s be honest, most of the guys I’ve dated weren’t really open to the idea of expressing their feelings so most cards end with “from *insert name here*” and occasionally “love *insert name here*”.

Some of my best “love letters” aren’t even love letters, but just simple letters. Notes passed to me during a lunch period or during class, slipped in my year book at the end of the year or tucked away in my locker. Come the last day, when I was cleaning out my locker I’d find it buried at the bottom, beneath text books and folder.

Which brings me to this letter, written by a guy who I shared a lunch table with for a semester. Because of course, at 28 years old, when I think of love and romance and the “good old days” I’m reminded of high school (sad huh? Maybe just a bit).

You want to know what will happen someday?


Someday you will be sick and tired of being afraid of dating again. After all you don’t know what type of asshole you may have on your hands once you get to know him. But your search for someone has matured on this later day. The guy you’re watching doesn’t put his arm around you, doesn’t poke and tease you (well, maybe a bit), he won’t try to put the moves on you, because he’s a bit shy and awkward with words around you. But most importantly, he is interested in what you think and listens to what you say. He’s not a partier and not much of a dancer, he’ll like shopping and enjoys all moves and types of music. Chances are that he will be exactly what you were looking for all along but never knew it. You’ll have a hard time finding him, mind you, because he’s afraid to date. He’ll avoid you because in order to go on dates you’ve got to have a “cool” car and he’s embarassed of his little putt-mobile. he’ll mainly be afraid to date because he doesn’t know if the woman will be a bitch or not once he gets to know her. 

The right guy will be as frightened to find you, as you are of him. 

I guarantee you’ll get your share of bumps and bruises on your search, but how else will you find out what type of guy you don’t want to date?

In a way, he was right… or rather is right, there have been many bumps and bruises along the way, but each bump & bruise has lead me to a more solid idea of what it is that I am searching for in a partner. Because, believe it or not people… THIS GIRL does want to get married some day. This girl believes in relationships and commitment and love, even if they don’t always believe in her. (^_~)




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