Drinkers of the world Unite, in my office

There seemed to have been a theme this week, that theme is Alcohol. I’m not really a social person in the office but I found myself having multiple conversations this week that involved drinking & alcohol. Some of those conversations were with people I’d never spoken to before, so be proud friends I’ve broken bits of my shell!! So after this week, I have come to a few conclusions…

  1. Soaking gummy bears in juice or water makes them big and juicy, does the same apply if you soak them in alcohol?! I may have to experiment with this idea and possible serve this instead of jello shots!
  2. Along the same lines, what if you put dried fruit in alcohol, would that also end in the same result? I think this would work better because I’d imagine the gummy bears melting into nothing.
  3. I didn’t realize people my age still went on weekend long drinking binges, I’m somewhat impressed by this. I’ve attempted to drink two days in a row (not even heavy drinking) but usually it just ends with me being stone sober the second day (despite how much I might drink).
  4. My office is stocked with Alcohol advertisements and every couple of weeks there is a swag pile, if you dig through said pile you might actually find something cool. So far I’ve walked away with 2 pinatas, 1 mini pitcher, various pins/magnets, one mini martini glass, a giant belt buckle that proclaims “VIVA MEXICO” (yay tequila!) and various other (non-alcoholic) prizes. (insert twitter hashtag #WorkPerks here)
  5. The “Captain” is not much taller than me, although he looks like a giant in commercials
  6. I STILL don’t have one of those cool purple Crown Royal bags.
  7. Work this week made me very thirsty!
  8. I could have grabbed a ton of light up plastic ice cubes, but forgot when I was walking out of work. How cool would it be to have light up ice cubes. (OK, maybe not that cool.. but they were purple so it was still a win)

My job is actually kind of cool sometimes, but I think it’s mostly some of the people that make it cool. (^_~) I mean come on, you have to enjoy hearing older women talk about how “fun” they are when they drink *insert alcoholic beverage here*!! 



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