Let’s get this party started!

So I’m visiting my older brother in California, I’m currently stationed smack dab in between LA and San Diego.I’ve never actually experienced the night life out here, despite having visited several times in the last two years that he’s been out here. But last night my S-I-L’s younger sister asked me if I wanted to go out (now that she’s 18 and is able to at least get into an 18+ club).  Despite being tired I agreed, what the heck, it’d be something different.

So we get dressed up, originally we were going to go to LA, but decided to stick to someplace local and ended up in a town called Riverside. First of all… she put us on the email guest-list, which apparently was good as long as we were in line by 10:30pm (which we were), however, was not honored (fail). Second, there was one bathroom for a two story club (wtf?), yes there were multiple stalls, but that’s besides the point!! Music was touch and go, I’m not entirely sure that the main DJ knew what genre of music he wanted to play because he went from EDM (house/electro) to hip hop & top 40. Which, I admit, isn’t always bad, but this guy did not know how to beat match and for someone like myself (who normally doesn’t pick up on bad DJing) to pick up, it was just bad. He’d build up a good track and then either completely kill it or train wreck into a completely different track. LOL Funny.

Also, DANCE CIRCLES… f**king hate them! I mean really, I am not going to the club to see a bunch of people dance in a circle or perform one on one. No, I’m there to dance… so pls don’t just stand around watching one or two people battle it out while taking up the entire dance floor. Also, what is up with this “shuffling”?! Yes, LMFAO came out with a hot track, but I left this place with no desire to see/hear that track for quite a while… and I really enjoy that track!! *shakes fist*

And dear ladies of California (specifically those that frequent this particular club in Riverside): This is NOT a good look…

I don’t know how many girls I saw with awful paint jobs!! I think that if they’d worn foundation that matched their actual skin tone and maybe color coordinated a bit better, they’d totally be pretty. But that wasn’t the case… it was like I was at the club with a bunch of clowns. And quite frankly, I’m frightened of clowns!! *eek!*

Needless to say people watching was pretty amazing last night. I am hoping that not all clubs in SoCal are like that, and it’s just the 18+ crowd that seemed to be there last night. Here’s hoping my next late night adventure will be better!! I may try again Monday/Tuesday night.



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