Inappropriate work conversation

I feel this will be a growing segment in this blog; I have a tendency to find myself in weird conversations that have absolutely no real content but are amusing nonetheles!!

I met a dude today; we had a nice chat and it went a little something like this..

Me: do you guys often bring toys to work?
Dude: well as it stands we have two big pink balls, a chiquita banana inflatable and a bunch of pink pens..
Me: you need to throw some mini pillow pets (going with the pink theme) and some snuggies.
Dude: i agree
Me: I can hook it up with the mini pillow pet, the snuggies you must do on your own
Dude: nice do you work for pillow pets? I like the unicorn one
Me: I make them from my basement. That’s the pink one, no!?
Dude: it is.. pink and purple
Me: You’re in luck, I can get you that one.
Dude: nice nice
Me: yes yes
Dude: We will thank you ever so much!

So here’s a Unicorn mini Pillow Pet for you Dude! Enjoy! (^_^)/

And then, as if today wasn’t weird enough this is the reason why I’m not allowed in churches:

Me: I am so sick to my stomach right now
La Loca: you’re prego
La Loca: YES!!!!!!!!!
Me: NOOOOOOOO!! I refuse to take the responsibility of a baby… especially of baby jesus number two
La Loca: I think he’s be pretty self sufficient
Me: self sufficient enough to come out of me like a kid down a water slide?! NO I DONT THINK SO!!! THINK OF THE PAIN AND SUFFERING I HAVE TO GO THROUGH
La Loca: jesus will make it easy for you, look at all of the sheep that helped out in his first birth! and the donkeys! And the manger boy, and um… the 3 wise men
Me: HE better.
La Loca: think of it all!
Me: um no, they were there AFTER. AFTER the agonizing pain and suffering of his poor mother mary
La Loca: no, the manger boy was there during duhhhh, he was the deliverer and the donkeys helped too
Me: well La Loca, Idk about you but I sure as heck don’t want donkeys all up in my whooha, paving the way for baby jesus to come out of it

//going to hell//



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